1. Please check on price list if You’re problem is listed there and check the price if it isn’t please use ticket system for quote or usk us.
  2. Go to ticket system and open a new ticket for Your repair and please write passcode to You’re device without it we are not able to test it further!
  3. We will not start a repair for data recovery without passcode, in some ocasions we have only 1 chance to take the data out, and You want it, right?
  4. When sending a macbook to us, please send whole device that we can be sure that everything is working in it’s native housing.
  5. On ticket system You will see ticket number please attach it with the device, please don’t put it outside the parcel.
  6. Pack it securely and ship it to us.

What will happen after we will recive Your device? Here is some answers for Your questions:

  • We will check if You choose right option for repair Your device and update ticket that we received parcel and it will go to queue
  • Common issues have turnaround time from 3 to 5 business days
  • Complex problems turnaround time is from 5 business days and up
  • When we will fix You’re device we will update ticket and send invoice via email that You can pay with Paypal or credit card
  • When payment is cleared then we will ship You’re device back to You, and update ticket with tracking number
  • Payment cleared till 4 PM will be send in the same day via Royal Mail, for courier it will be next working day
  • If we are not able to fix You’re device You need to pay only for return shipping