DIY Weller Station WMRP & WMRT Kit


DIY Weller WMRP & WMRT Station Kit

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DIY Weller Station WMRP & WMRT Kit. The whole review You can find on my YouTube video about equipment. You will get kit of DIY Weller station to use with WMRP tips using 3.5 mm jack connector as well genuine Weller WMRP and WMRT handles. White foil on the photo covers the shiny look of front and back panel. On the photo, You can see the assembled unit. You want a TIPs please contact me.

In this price You will get:

  • Programmed board
  • 1m 3.5mm jack extension
  • Power cable plug depends on Your country
  • Housing
  • Front and Back panel with hole to fit 3.5mm socket and to fit in Weller socket
  • Power cable socket
  • 3.5mm socket
  • Switch
  • Knob
  • 2x 5A DC Power Supply
  • Screws and nuts
  • Bits and pieces for assembly
  • Instruction how to make Weller socket


Turnaround time 5-10 work days before shipping. Without Weller Socket. Second photo just how the assembled unit looks like.


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