On repairs mentioned in price list You don’t need to ask for price, but on any quote we will hold that price that we told You, in some cases when You underestimated problem we will contact You when device will be with us. On any pre repair attempt we will charge extra 25% from the price list. We are doing it because we need to hold on with No fix = No fee and we need to have very high success rate to be in this business, this is as well good for You as well for us, and any pre repair attempt is harder to fix.


We warranty all parts that we used to fix Your device for 90 days from repair completion. We warranty only the main problem(s) that You ask us to fix and quoted for it. Secondary problems and other know defects that we was not informed to fix are not under warranty. Problems that are not detectable after our fix are also not under warranty, accidental damage after You received the device are also not under warranty. Water damage iPhone boards are not under warranty, even if phone is 100% working after fix. Please back up Your data before shipping device to us, we are not responsible for any loss of data. On some repairs we need to restore iPhone’s to get them fix, You will be informed before we will do it. Complimentary repairs are not covered under warranty, we only guarantee paid repairs.


Payment need to be made within 14 days after You get invoice from us to Your email address and on ticket system for fixed or no fix devices. If the payment is not made within 90 days from sending You invoice and ticket, device is to be considered abandoned and will be sold or used for parts to cover repair costs. Payments made till 4 PM will be sended in the same day via Royal Mail, courier will be sended next day.


In extraordinary event that something that we fixed, does not stay fixed it need to be returned to us for repair. In this case if we are not able to repair it we will refund Your money back for this repair. We will not refund as well we don’t warranty problems that we don’t fix. Shipping cost is not refundable.

No fix = No fee policy

When You will send a device to us for repair and we can’t fix the primary problem that You ask us to fix, You will be not charged for any labor cost. If we spend plenty hours trying to solve the primary problem for You the price is still the same! If after plenty effort and hours on Yours device we are not able to fix it, then You will get an invoice from us for shipping it back to You or You have an option to leave the device for parts with us.

Data recovery

Devices for data recovery are repaired mainly to retrieve Your precious data, if the device wasn’t too badly damaged we will fix it that You can use it again. You will get this info in the ticket system if the device can be used safely again or not.